Creative Laminate Catalog / Folder

With an aim to have something available to attract diverse buyers, their range of laminates is just perfect. Dealing in the premium collection of laminates, their range can be vouched for both the quality as well as the prices. We are privileged to have catered to their designing needs where the goal was to display their laminates in an alluring manner with details. Our creative team has crafted their modish product catalogue.

Deciding to outsource the task of designing our product catalogue to Karya Graphito has proven to be a wise decision. The creative minds at work here presented to us a whole plethora of samples to choose from. Ultimately, the final catalogue turned out to be a stunning one with the product samples and details about the products as well.

Every client is a new opportunity for us and that is how we also take it. For us, every work is important and needs a customized plan to craft a unique end product. Putting across the client’s ideas into material form is our forte. However, client’s support is essential at every step from beginning till end. Our relationship with Siesta has been one where we stood and worked together and the result is an attractive yet informative product folder with all necessary details.

A user-friendly catalogue with essential information about the wide range of laminates offered. The catalogue has been crafted to allow the customers to understand the products well. There are pictures of spaces and end products with laminates to make the decision easy.